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5/2/2023: Super Early Bird Pricing

5/16/2023: Destination SAC

6/6/2023: Meet Your Match at SAC

6/27/23: What are You Waiting For?

7/11/23: Stars of Southern Manufacturing Awards

8/1/23: It's Party Time!

8/17/23: Time is Running Out!

8/23/23: Keynote Speakers

9/7/23: Spotlight on Ground Zero Blues Club

9/14/23: Picture Yourself at SAC

9/21/23: ONE MONTH until SAC

9/27/23: Exhibit Hall and Japan Pavilion

SAC is presented jointly each year by the automotive manufacturers associations of Alabama (AAMA), Georgia (GAMA), Mississippi (MAMA) and Tennessee (TAMA). The South Carolina Automotive Council (SCAC), Kentucky Association of Manufacturers (KAM), Texas Automotive Manufacturing Association (TXAMA), and Southern Automotive Women's Forum (SAWF) are affiliates of SAC.