Madeline Boles

Director of Business Development @ The Ōnin Group

Madeline Boles currently serves as the Director of Business Development at The Ōnin Group where she supports and develops partnerships with numerous automotive clients, including OEMs. Having transformed from a high school counselor to become one of the highest performing sales leaders at The Ōnin Group, Madeline brings a dynamic, human approach to staffing, leadership and business problem-solving. Madeline graduated from the University of Alabama and then earned her master’s degree in Human Development at Vanderbilt University. She most enjoys uncovering opportunities to improve her clients’ sites and collaboratively building solutions that sustain a productive workforce in a constantly changing business market. For several years, she has guided teams across the country to develop onboarding processes and retention strategies geared towards the modern, entry-level employee. Using marketing, technology, and HR expertise, her team accelerates efficient operational processes while maintaining the delicate art of human connection. Madeline is thrilled to learn from automotive industry leaders at this year’s SAC!